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Alton C. Byers  
Alton C. Byers is a mountain geographer, conservationist, and mountaineer specializing in applied research, high altitude ecosystems, climate change, and integrated conservation and development programs. He received his doctorate from the University of Colorado in 1987, focusing on landscape change, soil erosion, and vegetation dynamics in the Sagarmatha National Park. He joined The Mountain Institute (TMI) in 1990 as Environmental Advisor, working as Co-Manager of the Makalu-Barun National Park (Nepal Programs), Founder and Director of Andean Programs, Director of Appalachian Programs, and Director of Science and Exploration. In 2015 he joined the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) at the University of Colorado at Boulder as Senior Research Associate, and currently works on a number of research and teaching projects in the Himalayas, Andes, Appalachian, and Rocky Mountains. Dr Byers has published widely on a range of scientific topics, and is an author and editor of Mountain Geography: Human and Physical Dimensions (University of California Press at Berkeley, 2013). 
Dr. Daene McKinney
Dr. Daene McKinney is a professor of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests are sustainable management of water resources, especially the problems of water security in high mountain glaciated basins, and the integration of engineering, economic, environmental and political considerations in transboundary basins. 





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