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The students from different schools, college and universities are welcome to Nepal for educational tour. Most of the school, College & University has crate the their own educational tour in Himalayas including to know the different culture, people, custom, society which can be easy to obtain the more information for their education also evasion boring even their holiday duration Himalayan kingdom of Nepal . Especially the students of geography, geology, environments science and sociology anthropology are fascinating in the plane land about 150m to about 4000m beautiful landscape of Nepal for their practical holiday of Nature Culture and adventure.

The program purpose is: 
a) field-based learning of rural, remote or mountain community of Nepal for development techniques, issues assessment, ecotourism planning and mountain geomorphology. 
b)  reciprocal cultural interaction with local villagers mountain communities and in-country university faculty and students; 
c) Improvement of environmental awareness and conservation for students.
d) engage with local schools in service-learning activities, such as helping plaster/paint school walls, teach English and environmental science to the remote villages or mountain  community; 
e) to teach mountain environments, glacier, glacier lakes, program design ;

f)to develop tourism projects whereby travelers can stay with locals as a part of learning and study.

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